Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories (2013)

The Contemporary Brazilian Short Stories (CBSS) initiative was conceived in January 2011, when Brazilian authors of different ages, regions and backgrounds were first contacted about the opportunity to have their work translated into English. In June 2011, we started posting the content to, which is updated twice a month, with a new story every 1st and 15th day. The main idea behind presenting this collection online and in book form is to publish the work of contemporary authors from Brazil who have not always had a chance to let their voices be carried to all corners of the world. In translation, the reach of their work in English could be far wider and may bring a piece of Brazil to many readers the world over. And this is exactly the purpose of CBSS: to facilitate the access of international readers to stories written from a Brazilian perspective. Our goal is to touch such varied themes as personal and professional life, love, loneliness, comedy, crime, environment, and random observations of daily routines. Here you'll read twenty-four stories that were originally published online between July 2012 and June 2013. They are organized alphabetically in two sections: The first one is in English, accompanied by the author's biography, and the second one is in the original Portuguese, also displaying the author's contact info. We hope you enjoy these stories and continue to discover our Brazilian talents.